We do the hard work for you and handle all aspects of your residential property. Our property management services allow you to enjoy your investment while we take care of the rest. We have the experience and expertise to find qualified tenants and properly manage your property for a flat fee.

We utilize many listing services and methods to create enough exposure to find qualified tenants.

Tenant Screening:
Any prospective tenants must fill out our comprehensive rental application. We verify Everything in the applications:

  • Landlord references: going back at least three years
  • Employment history: for job stability and ability to pay.
  • Personal references: provide information about character traits.
  • Credit checks: their payment patterns, history of delinquency, evictions, etc.
  • Bank accounts, drivers’ license, etc. to prevent fraud.
  • Landlord references: going back at least three years
  • Background check: infractions, misdemeanors, felonies, etc.

Rent Collection:

Due to my extensive screening process most tenants pay on time. The ones that do not pay on time are immediately served with ‘3-Day Notice to Pay’ with a warning of cause-to-evict.

We will shop for best competitive bids for maintenance in your investment property. If a necessary repair is due to the tenant’s negligence, the tenant will be charged. We perform property inspections, tenants will contact us to report problems with the property. Making this a hasle-free investment, NO MORE HEADACHES for you!